KONE China

KONE Chinan viestintäjohtaja George Ma Jia haluaa kannustaa suomalaisia nuoria opiskelemaan kiinaa. Lue alta hänen viestinsä:

Dear all,

It is my great pleasure to encourage you to learn Chinese!

Since 2010, China ranks as the world’s second largest economy after the US. It has been the world’s fastest-growing major economy which attracts more and more business, investments and intelligence.

Today, Chinese has become the most widely-spoken language on earth. According to statistics, there are more than 40 million foreigners now learning Chinese as a second language. Nearly one-fourth of the world’s population speaks Chinese. Speakers of Chinese not only live in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but also spread throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, where large Chinese communities congregate. The Chinese language today is playing increasingly important role worldwide.

There are numerous reasons to learn Chinese:

The first reason is that with the development of globalization and China’s economic boom, the demand for experienced professionals with Chinese language skills has increased dramatically. China has become one of the best places to develop your career and your business. Learning Chinese helps you to gain increasing opportunities for success.

On the other hand, learning Chinese gives you the golden key for accessing and understanding the fascinating and extremely rich Chinese culture. You can imagine what an extraordinary and agreeable experience it is, when you can immerse yourself in a different culture just by learning Chinese.

Finally, learning Chinese is not as difficult as you thought. What you need to do is getting start and enjoying it!

Thanks, 加油!

Ma Jia, George

Director, Communication and PR

KONE Elevators Co., Ltd.